Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 24, 2014

Be A Class Act

Be A Class Act

Please do me a favor – handle yourself with class.

As parents, business leaders, athletes, and church members we are examples to others around us and those in our communities.  Accordingly, we have an obligation to be positive role models.  Perhaps the best place to start with being a role model is handling ourselves with class.

Be A Class Act!

Be A Class Act!

Don’t you get tired of the lack of common courtesy that we see all around us?  Just turn on the TV and look at the news channels.  They don’t have discussions, they holler and they talk over each other.  Many times the conduct of our politicians is absolutely disgusting, yet we continue to reelect them.  We can do better, and it starts with each of us individually.

Respect and dignity are foundational principles that will help make the world a better place.  Certainly it is the right thing to do, and it is also contagious for others around us.  Just like in athletics we can create positive momentum and it spreads.

It seems that for some reason my generation screwed it up.  Accordingly, the obligation is on us to fix it and it starts with each of us individually.  Just looking good, standing straight, shaking hands, saying “yes sir/ma’am,” and those sorts of things are impressive.  We need to teach it and we need to lead it.

The bonus is, and studies have shown, handling yourself with class ultimately leads to more success.  People that handle themselves with class have an easier road.  Let’s rebuild that road for the future.

Perhaps it’s a bit altruistic, but I truly believe that if we spread our actions in a positive manner we can have a positive impact on our corner of the world that ensures the quality of our communities for the future.

Always in class,


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