Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 28, 2016

Plan and Execution

Plan and Execution

            It seems to happen in every aspect of life.  We see bright, talented people underperform.  It happens in business, marriages, athletically, and even spiritually.  What is the cause of this?  Perhaps it boils down to not having a system to make outcomes a matter of choice rather than chance.  In other words the failure to plan and execute.


Plan and Execution (then smile!)

The perfect example of this is an Ironman competitor on race day.  Do you ever shake your head and wonder when you see a well-trained athlete really blow it on race day?  I’m not talking about having good days or bad days which happens to all of us in competition.  Rather, I’m referring to the failure to plan and execute when you should know better.  For example, nutrition and hydration.  This is easily practiced and then executed on race day.  Of course athletics is just a metaphor for us for all aspects of life.

One of my favorite authors and lecturers is Harvard business professor Clayton Christianson.  He says, in business, and also in life, you can either take a crap shoot or follow tested reliable theories.  Why leave it to chance – tested reliable theories don’t lie,  they work.  Learn the theory and execute it for predicted and reliable results.

            The Four Anchors is a system to plan and execute the important aspects of your life.  It is a strategic formula and path to a life of satisfaction and fulfillment.  This isn’t hard . . . in fact it makes it easier.  When we follow a tried and true system based on reliable theories, the positive outcome is then very predictable.

And as we have repeated a number of times, consistent execution over time of a solid plan toward worthy goals always yields positive results.  And, as we say, we have to do it “every day, every day, every day!”

Always executing the plan,


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