Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 4, 2016


Ironman World Championship 2016

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             The steeple of Mokuaikaua Church stands proudly over Kailua Bay.  Mokuaikaua is the first Christian church in the State of Hawaii and Kailua Bay is where the legendary and world-famous Hawaii Ironman™ World Championship begins.


This past Sunday it was fun to visit Mokuaikaua Church, and see Kahu (Pastor) David who saw me and exclaimed “David, you’re back!”  Kahu David’s special welcome really set the tone for my return to the Big Island.


Kahu David started with a story of hope to assurance led by faith featuring Noah and references from Genesis and Hebrews.  He continued that it all starts with a belief, then a vision, and ultimately takes action.  Those of us with Faith, or even those of us searching for Faith, see the metaphor to and from Ironman™ racing very clearly.

In religion, as in life, as in Ironman™ racing, you have to believe in the journey and the path that you are on.  The belief is the first step in any transformation toward a goal.  You have to believe and have faith in that belief.

Out of the belief you have to create a vision.  “Can you see the vision,” Kahu David asked.  “You must actually see it and follow it.”  For Noah it was seeing what God had in store for him.  For competitors on race day it’s actually seeing the swimming, biking, running and getting to the finish line.  Believe it, and then really see it in your mind’s eye.

We’ve discussed it here many times before.  Action is the key limiter for most people.  You have to believe it, see it, and then you must take action to do it or it is all good for nothing.  Belief and vision frames it and is the guide, but action will carry you to obtain the goal and win the day.

We are less than a week away from the Ironman™ World Championship.  We have to believe, then have the vision to actually see it, and we all know that on race day it is the action that will carry us to the finish line.

Hope to assurance through faith with belief, vision, and action,



  1. Thank you for sharing this adventure with us, David. We are so excited and are praying for you.
    Sybille Sidden and family

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