Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 22, 2017

Be A Good Ambassador

Be A Good Ambassador

We all know that riding the bicycle is probably the biggest risk we take as triathletes.  Accordingly, t is incumbent on all of us to help raise awareness of the dangers and be a good ambassador for the cycling community.  We just published an e-book with the updated North Carolina bicycle safety laws you can get free here.   Please join me to help spread the word and encourage bicycle safety.

First, know the rules of the road and follow them.  In North Carolina the rules of the road have recently been updated and I believe they are very helpful for cyclists.  Please learn the rules and follow them.

Next, be visible.  Twice in the past week I have been stopped by motorists and thanked for having daytime riding lights to enhance my visibility.  One elderly man commented that although he tries to be very mindful of cyclists he has a hard time seeing us.  He specifically mentioned the difficulty seeing us as we go in and out of shadows on those beautiful back roads that we love riding on.   My tail lights really helped him, and clearly helped me too!

Lastly, please be a good ambassador out on the road.  Your actions affect the safety of all of us on the road.  Most drivers are unaware of bicycle safety laws so it is important that we all help spread information and treat motors with respect out on the road.

Remember to review the e-book and help spread the word!!


Knowing the laws, being visible, and being a good ambassador will help keep us all safer on the road.

Ride safely,




  1. Thanks for this e-book! I’ve been sharing it on my social media. Would it be alright if I share it on my website?

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