Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 13, 2017



             Whoosh . . . .blows the wind across the island as the great Hawaiian warrior blows in the conch shell horn calling all athletes to the theme of Kupa’a.  Kupa’a was the theme for the 2016 Hawaii Ironman™ World Triathlon Championship.


Presented in lu’au style by Island Breeze dramatizing the theme Kupa’a which means steadfast, firm, and immovable.  Through music, drama, dance, and fire these honorable values of the Hawaiian culture were presented to us.  These character strengths are in emblematic of the ancient Hawaiian people and also of Ironman™ competitors in their pursuit of the finish line on race day.


The theme of Kupa’a applies to all of us and all aspects of our lives.  Focusing on our families, faith, fitness, and profession in a steadfast, firm, and immovable manner allows us to stay true to our values and our long-term successes.

Kupa’a is very similar to our long-time theme on this blog of consistent execution over time toward a worthy goal, always produces positive results.  Times will get tough and there will be lots of hard work.  Yet, like the Hawaiian warrior, or the Ironman on race day, if we remain steadfast, firm, and immovable we will persevere with positive results.

Whoosh . . . as the wind again blows across the island in the wish and prayer for all competitors to take the spirit of Kupa’a home to their families and communities far away, and to remain steadfast, firm, and immovable.

Living Kupa’a,


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