Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 3, 2016

The Dilemma

The Dilemma

            How do we do it all?  How do we make sense of everything?  It seems that this is a crazy world that we live in.  And, I’m not just talking about politics which seems to repeat itself every 4 (or even 2) years, but everything around us.  We are all busy, busy, busy.  In fact, many of us are so busy that we forget what we are even doing.  It can make your head spin.

The Dilemma

Then, we have to deal with all of this never ending technology.  Interestingly, with all of the “benefits” and “efficiencies” of technology it seems that we work harder, the 8‑hour day has blurred into 24/7, while at the same time real wages have not increased and it is documented that we all deal with more stress.         What do we do next, and how do we keep up?

On top of all of that we have family and social pressures that are a constant challenge for all of us.  Then, we have our spiritual life and pursuing our faith these days seems more complicated too.  All of the above seems to be get woven into our professional life, which dials up the stress even more.  Fitness should be important to all of us, but with everything else going on how in the world do we incorporate a healthy fitness lifestyle?

It was my struggle with all of these aspects of life, particularly after getting married and having our first child, which caused me to reflect and start developing The Four Anchors.

The finding, reviewing, and pursuing life through the filter of The Four Anchors makes everything fit together better, gives us a system to organize our lives, and helps to give our lives much more meaning.  Using the anchors as a template for goals and decision making simplifies our daily actions and makes life easier and more meaningful to handle.

Using and applying The Four Anchors on a consistent, daily basis provides a foundational structure for everything we do.  Suddenly, time begins to expand, we perform at higher levels, are happier, and are well on the road to a lifetime of fulfillment and satisfaction.

This system has been very helpful to me and I hope it is useful for you.  The principles contained in The Four Anchors are the reason I started this blog almost a decade ago.  Remember, most writers are writing to themselves first.  That is certainly true for me.  Now, more than 300 articles later, the goals and path remains the same, although the pursuit continues.  Thank you for joining me along the way.

Staying anchored,


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