Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 17, 2014

Choice, Not Chance

Choice, Not Chance

             Make no mistake about it – whatever we do and whatever we become is a result of the decisions and choices we make.  It’s very simple, we are responsible for our choices and actions.


The choices we make include setting our goals, making a plan, and then taking action.  If we want to run a race, the goal is the finish line.  We then have a training plan.  Lastly, and most importantly we need to take action every day.  You can’t leave your running shoes in the closet if you plan on finishing the race.

Where we tend to lose folks is on the action phase.  Many times goals turn into wishful thinking and the plans simply gather dust.  Where the winners separate themselves is in the consistent, daily action. When you do this, you literally have No Competition.

These same principles apply to everything we do.  It applies to work, family, our faith, and our fitness.  It is all In Your Hands.  The following simple diagram can be applied to all pursuits in life.


Consistent execution over time always prevails.  To realize our Expectations we must be determined and persevere with our actions.  Or as my good friend, professional speaker, athlete and consultant Mike Wien says “Sustained Effort Wins.”

It’s very simple… we are all responsible for our choices and actions.  It’s just that simple, and it is just that hard.

Choose wisely,


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