Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 9, 2014

Nothing Like a Challenge

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Nothing Like a Challenge

            “It’s time to get up!  You have to get going,” she implored.  “Don’t you know this is the biggest race in the whole world!?”  That was 16 year old  Birgit Reinel in 1989, daughter of my home-stay hosts Lotte and Dieter Reinel who owned the local bakery in town.

Backerei Reinel

Backerei Reinel

Tucked in the Franconian Hills of northern Bavaria is the village of Roth.  It is a normally quiet little village with a history dating back over a thousand years.  In the center of town is a castle that is more than 500 years old and a prominent cathedral.  Once a year the town comes alive as the main stage in the world for long course triathlon racing.  The iconic Challenge Roth celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Returning to race in Roth for their 30th edition of the race, the 25th anniversary of my first time racing there, and my sixth time as a competitor has me psyched for the challenge!  To say it is the most amazing experience in the triathlon world may be an understatement.  The crowds are enormous and the spectators are fantastic.

Then, just when you think it can’t get any better you round a corner in the town of Hilpoltstein and are greeted by an ocean of spectators.  Solar Berg – it is truly beyond description unless you have been there and felt the energy.

Solar Berg

Solar Berg

The magical and enchanting course ends in a specially built triathlon stadium filled to capacity and giving each competitor a championship reception.  Last time I was there, in 2000, I carried our then 4‑month-old daughter across the finish line.  The family Reinel is hosting the whole family  this year.  This time, all three kids will experience the magic of the Challenge!

Ready for the Challenge,


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  1. Wow!! Good luck and have a great time with the Family!! That’s a bucket list race we’ve all heard a lot about. I am looking forward to your pictures!!

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