Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 7, 2012

Overcoming Doubt

Overcoming Doubt

       Do you experience doubt before performance or competition? I sure do. No matter how prepared we are doubt creeps into our minds. We can use doubt to help prime our passions and emotions for peak performance.

Overcoming Doubt

       Doubt can be a limiter, or doubt can be a motivator. Doubts are fears that come from negative voices. We all have doubts. The question is, how are we going to deal with our doubts, or fears, and move forward toward success.

       First, we have to understand that doubt is normal for any performance, competition, or other avenue in search of achievement. So, we have to take our doubts, we deal with them, and we turn them into a positive outlet that enhances our performance.

       Hard work and doing your job goes a long way to overcoming doubt. Hard work and discipline works to prepare our minds for the challenges we face. Psychologically we have to be confident that our preparation is sufficient.

       Overcoming doubt can be as simple as switching our mind set from a negative to a positive. One way to do this is to envision a favorable results. Just as an athlete visualizes a successful outcome to competition, we can visualize successes that overcome our doubts.
Doubt can be paralyzing, or it can be enabling and even motivated.

        A circle of encouragement and support can help you overcome your doubts. Friends family and other supporters will enjoy watching you succeed. This circle of support cannot be under estimated. They can literally will you through your period of doubt and on to a successful performance.

        Lastly, remember that you are not alone. Everyone experiences doubts. Doubt helps prime our motivation and our drive as we see a peak performance. Winners are the ones who can turn doubts into positive anxiety which turns into peak performances

        Have no doubt – all goals and aspirations will have doubts to overcome. Over coming the challange is just part of success, and it can be part of the fun too!

No doubt,


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