Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 14, 2012

Who’s On Your Side?

Who’s On Your Side?

         Do you ever feel all alone? Do you feel the weight of the world and really wish you had some help and support? I sometimes feel this way. Fortunately I have the support of family and friends to help me through.

Who's On Your Side?

         It seems there is a continual flow in the news of stars, celebrities, and public figures with difficulties. These people who seem to have it all are seemingly beset with difficulties including drugs, alcohol, depression, and loneliness. They become isolated even though they are surrounded. Many times in their desire and quest for stardom they sacrifice the very things that are the most important. They would trade all of their fame and fortune for a circle of support from friends and family.

        We all need people on our team, but that doesn’t just happen. We need to cultivate a circle of friends and supporters in a way that we are always surrounded for support and success. Ultimately, these circles will become the most valuable asset we have – more important than fame and fortune. Here’s a secret, though, these circles will also help us achieve more.

        One of the basic principles is that you have to give to get. Then, the more you give the more that comes back to you. Think of it like concentric circles – kind of like a stone in a pond. The inner circle is your family. Next come close friends and folks at church, and so on it goes all the way out to casual acquaintances and folks whose path you happen to cross in every day life.

        As long as we keep giving, and cultivating, and doing the things we should be doing anyway, the more it comes back to us. The more it comes back, not only will we eventually be more successful, but we will also become more fulfilled and satisfied along the way.

        Too bad these celebrities and public figures who end up with bad endings didn’t have more folks on their side along the way. Unfortunately they probably didn’t learn to give first so they could then receive with abundance. We all need people on our side!

On Your Side,


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