Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 31, 2012



       In the latest rounds of political jockeying it seems that common decency has gone out the window. From exaggeration to twisted words to intended innuendo to out and out lies –  it just goes on and on. This is not just some sort of partisan plague – everyone seems to be vying for contention as the lowest common denominator.


        It worries me that the erosion of decency in politics may be at least somewhat a reflection of society as a whole, and us, as individuals in particular. Do we have an erosion in our values? I’m not talking about political values , but rather the timeless values of honor, character, and integrity.

        Common courtesy, good manners, and basic etiquette are basic building blocks of decency. We can be polite to others even when we disagree. These fundamental values starts with education and training. More importantly though is setting a good example for others, and particularly for children.

        As athletes we have a heightened duty to set a good example. We need to be respectful and honorable in all situations. In our athletic endeavors, at work, and as parents and citizens we have opportunities and obligations to set good examples of common decency.

         I don’t think we should just accept lowered standards for our society or for ourselves. Decency makes us all better, makes society better, and restores character and honor as timeless values. May decency prevail.

Help me be decent,


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