Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 9, 2011

Give It A Try

Give It A Try

       What was your first competitive athletic experience? Do you remember it? Do you remember how it feels?

Give It A Try!

       “Give it a try” is not a triathlon double entendre; rather, it is the importance of sports and activities in our lives. Our daughter moved up to middle school this year and moved beyond sports as just play to sports as competition. Her experience on the middle school track team was developmental as well as a great deal of fun for her, and for us.

       The young athletes learned the importance of training and preparation. Of course diligence, hard work, and teamwork are lessons that athletes learn along the way. These young athletes also learned how to deal with nerves and anxiety, and learned that is all part of the positive developmental experience.

        I was particularly proud of the way these sixth through ninth graders encouraged and supported each other. While they are learning valuable life lessons, they are also teaching them. These experiences will serve them well in all of life’s pursuits and challenges.

       Do our fitness routines accomplish the same thing? If not, do we need to try something different? Remember, the goal is to develop a healthy fitness lifestyle as part of a well-balanced life filled with fulfillment and satisfaction. So, we need to continuously get out there and try activities that we enjoy and get us going.

      Trying a new sport or physical activity gives us a sense of newness. We realize that the possibilities are greater than what we typically think. So, what are we waiting for – let’s go ahead and give it a try!

Give it a try,


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