Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 16, 2011

The Circle

The Circle

     May is a busy month. It is a time for graduations. There are graduations from high schools, colleges, graduate schools, and even kindergarteners celebrate this rite of passage. There are end of school events, awards ceremonies, and our niece got married this past weekend. It seems we have the full circle of life.

The Circle Continues

     Like a finish line in racing, each of these events signals an ending. Moreover, at the same time finish lines, celebrations, and other events also signal new beginnings and moving onto the next stage of life. Each stage comes with its own celebrations and challenges.

     We celebrate our accomplishments while at the same time looking forward with anticipation and excitement to all the possibilities of the future. And as we move forward, others come in behind us to experience what we have just come through, and the circle continues.

      Families are perhaps the best example of the circle of life, and are simultaneously the most challenging and the most fulfilling. We move from one stage to the next. Each is different and has its markers and milestones, but it is also the start of the next phase. Excitement and anxiety merge as we progress individually and vicariously from start to finish and back to the start again.

      Similarly with our Safe Sober Prom Night program the work is never done. Our Daggett Shuler Team reached more than 400,000 students over the past 21 years and yet there is a new crop of high school students every year. And as this prom season winds down we know the circle continues.

       Accomplishments and milestones are exciting. While we celebrate with joy, we also know that with each ending there is also a new beginning. We delight in the finishes while at the same time facing the challenges yet to be. So, as the circle continues so do we.

Continuing the circle,



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