Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 2, 2011

Two Hundred Weeks

Two Hundred Weeks 

         After my five plus hour bike ride last week in the cold rain I was reminded that there is a fine line between being dedicated and being crazy. With that thought in mind, we are pleased to celebrate this post as the 200th consecutive Monday morning of posting new articles on this blog.

Me and My Girl!

        Like life, writing a blog is in large part a journey of self discovery. When writing I write first to myself and along the way hope I share some helpful thoughts and ideas. Life is a constant learning experience, and certainly that continues.

       Over the past two hundred weeks we have reviewed life using triathlon, and specifically Ironman distance racing, as a metaphor for life lessons. Along the way have hopefully made our lives more fulfilling and satisfying, both for ourselves and others.

       We have learned how to fit Ironman training and racing into our active lifestyles through Some Keys. In doing so we have effectively continued our health and fitness lifestyle while at the same time spreading positive messages to our communities and those around us.

       We have searched for balance in our high performance busy lifestyles. Along the way we discovered The Four Anchors and explored ways to integrate them into our daily lives. We have gotten better and stronger spiritually, professionally, physically, and with our families.

       Most of all, I appreciate all of you who have joined me along the way. You have provided a lot of feedback, some critical and constructive, and some positive and encouraging. Either way, we, together, have become better and improved not only for ourselves, but for our families, coworkers, churches, and communities.

      Thank you, and I look forward to having you join us next week.

201 on the way,


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