Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 22, 2014

Triathlon Magic

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Triathlon Magic

            Let’s get this straight right out front – it was “a tough day at the office.”  We can analyze the reasons later if you like.  However, even on a very tough day the privilege of racing this iconic event and the thrills of the day were not dampened.

The Climb at Solar Berg!

The Climb at Solar Berg!


My memories and photographs do not do this race justice.  It truly has to be experienced.  Climbing Solar Berg truly engages all five senses and is beyond my ability to describe in words. There are many photos available online.  The photo above is taken by family during the day.  Believe it or not I am biking up through that mass.

Challenge Roth has become the biggest and one of the most iconic races in the world for good reason – the massive spectators, the volunteer support, the community support, and the setting in the Franconian Hills of Bavaria make it something very special.



Felix Walchshoefer

The race is under the direction of the Walchshoefer family. Felix Walchshoefer in particular puts a stamp of personal hospitality, emotion, and family like support that is unmatched in the triathlon world.  He is an extraordinary personality with unmatched passion.  He makes all of the competitors, volunteers, and spectators feel individually special.

The best race in the world?  I think that perhaps it is.  The reality is it simply can’t be described, it must be experienced.  The experience is magic and well worth the Challenge.

Feeling the magic,


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***Facebook photos here***

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