Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 27, 2011



      Exchanging gifts is an exciting and fun part of the holidays. It brings family and friends together. It gives neighbors a reason to visit, and many times they are a token of thanks for the past year.


       I suppose it is a bit cliche’ to say the best gifts are not tangible, and that it is better to give than to receive. However, when to looking to design a lifestyle on the road to satisfaction and fulfillment we find that these adages are absolutely true.

      So, what gifts are most important for us to give, and to also receive? Of course the gift of unconditional love always to comes to mind. But, remember that these intangible gifts are reflected in our actions. So perhaps a underlying action that applies to all aspects of life is mutual encouragement and support.

      Interestingly, you have to give in order to receive these gifts. Moreover, the more you give the more you get. Accordingly, the amount of encouragement and support you have to accomplish your goals is directly under your own control.

      Further, it is usually interesting that successful people, in general, make others successful too. Happy people usually make others happy first. A happy, lasting marriage works when both give first.

      Relationships with family and friends may be the best gifts we give and have. The foundation of these relationships is love that is expressed through ongoing encouragement and support. This continues and strengthens through good times and bad, successes and failures, and all that life throws at us.

       This holiday season remember to cherish the year round gifts of encouragement and support, and remember that the more we give the more we receive. Give your best!

Giving gifts,


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