Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 19, 2011

By Our Actions

By Our Actions

         What do our actions say about us? Individuals and groups show what is important to them by their actions. People won’t always believe what we say . . . they’ll always believe what we do. We are, and become, how we act.

By Our Actions

        Around the holidays we spend a lot of time with family. If we truly want to show love to our family members, we show that in our actions. Simply spending time with them, listening to them, and hanging out together are positive actions for good family relationships. And how about simply enjoying family reunions (on both sides of the family!). Remember, children learn by what we do more than what we say. These actions truly show our intentions.

       Spiritually, our faith is revealed by our actions. Do we live out the tenets of our faith, or do we trade off our time, energy, and resources spent in more self-serving ways. Critics of any faith often point to the hypocrisy of actions. They believe what we do.

        What do our actions show about us professionally? Do we actively work toward service and professional excellence, or are we just doing what we have to do to get by? Our repeated actions reveal our commitment to the vision of the organization and our role in being individually and collectively responsible for ongoing successes.

        Do we physically take care of ourselves? Our actions are necessary for a healthy and fitness lifestyle. We need to prepare ourselves for the “long run” with action, not intentions. Further, our physical actions are necessary to set a good example for others. Physical health is one of the most important actions we can pass along.

        As athletes we know that our training today prepares us for our future events and challenges. The running shoes don’t do any good in the closet, we need to take them out every day – literally and metaphorically.

      Tomorrow is determined by our actions today. Accordingly, future goals and successes require positive action today. Consistent execution of daily action becomes our future . . . and it all happens today!

Committed to positive action,


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