Posted by: David D. Daggett | November 28, 2011

Put The Thanks Back

Put The Thanks Back

        Are we thankful? I was thinking about this question not individually or rhetorically, but collectively as a society. I’m not sure we are thankful. Perhaps we have been blessed in such abundance that we take it as a given, or worse as an entitlement.

Put the Thanks Back!

Our family had a terrific Thanksgiving! We started with all five of us running the annual Turkey Strut 5K to benefit the Food Bank. We have made this a tradition and look forward to starting our day with an emphasis on giving, combined with heath and fitness.

Our holiday continued as time spent with family and friends. We had a house full on Thursday with me cooking the turkey on a charcoal grill as the kids helped. Cindy had a beautiful table setting complete with homemade traditional side dishes. Our guests ranged from ages four to almost 89. We had diverse backgrounds but joined in the common ground of fellowship and thanks.

Back to our society – are we thankful? It seemed that during the day’s football games every commercial was for sales, with each trying to one up each other for the earliest opening time. Midnight seems to be the new norm, with some opening as early as 9:00 Thanksgiving evening. Fights even broke out over who was where first. And then, comes cyber Monday!

If we are thankful why do we focus on wanting more, and more? Why do we want to line up by the thousands to buy more and more stuff that we really don’t need? It seems to reflect the gluttony of society. I really want to avoid being self righteous in reflecting on our family’s holiday, since we at times reflect the society I describe.

Perhaps the recent economic struggles weren’t enough to shock us back to what we traditionally valued. Individually and as families, though, we can work on returning to remembering true meaning of holidays.

Did I mention that we had four place winners, and the fifth had a new PR? We are thankful.

Put the thanks back,


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