Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 5, 2011

Difficult Issues

Difficult Issues

          Do you have a hard time facing difficult issues? Perhaps we all do. You would think that as athletes we would have an easier time facing tough situations.

Handle Those Difficult Issues!

        Facing difficult issues is a fact of life. We each face them every day, some of them big, and some of them small. We face them at work and we face them with our families. Life at times can seem to be a constant stream of difficult issues – you know, the tough things to talk about.

       Examples include talking about interpersonal issues that are interfering at work, or talking to young people about the dangers of drinking, drugs, and sex. Or, how about issues that arise in churches or social organizations. You know, the elephant in the room that everyone knows is there but noone wants to talk about.

        The question is do we confront them or try to avoid them. In my profession as a lawyer difficult issues are just part of the terrain. Yet, you would be surprised how hard of time even lawyers have dealing with difficult issues. Human nature it seems tends to avoid conflict.

       Most of the time the hardest part about dealing with a difficult issue is just getting started. Once you take that initial action, and actually deal with the situation it really is not that hard to move toward resolution. Conflict resolution ultimately more positive than conflict avoidance.

       Many times, tackling a difficult issue, or a problem, involves taking a small pill now as opposed to choking on a large, or catastrophic, pill later. Time and time again experience shows us that simply addressing and dealing with a difficult issue on the front end serves us better as we progress forward.

       When we are faced with difficult issues we need to stand tall, address them in a positive and optimistic manner, and move forward to the best resolution possible. Doing so frees us to better handle any situation or confrontation as well as better ensure the future.

Taking them as they come,


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