Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 1, 2009

Feel the Beat

Feel the Beat

       To what beat does your life dance? In music as in life it seems that we all have a beat. The secret may be finding the beat that works for us as individuals.

       We recently attended an interesting performance. Our daughters take dance from an extremely talented ballet teacher. Ms. Shapiro focuses on strict classical ballet, and is a former professional dancer. I might add that now in either her fourth or fifth decade of dancing she is still quite an elite athlete.

        As part of the spring performance, Ms. Shapiro had our 7-year-old daughter’s class perform a dance. Then, as part of a live experiment and exhibition during the performance, she changed the style of music and had the youngsters repeat the same dance. It was fascinating to watch the entire class shift to a different gear, continue to execute their various parts, and remain synchronized and coordinated while obviously changing their movement to fit the beat.

       In the same sort of way life is a dance. We need to “feel the beat” and execute regardless of the music that is playing. Further, as we find our rhythm perhaps we can make our own “music” to make our performances most optimal.

       Our “music” can be our environment, surroundings, choice of lifestyle, and of course our physical fitness. These variables affect our dance, or, in other words, affect our outcomes in life. So, if we positively affect our environment, surroundings, and lifestyle we are in better position for our various avenues of success.

        This fascinating lesson from a 7-year-old ballet class has made me more conscious of the “beat” that surrounds our daily lives. Let’s “feel the beat” and dance for success!

Keep on dancing,


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