Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 8, 2009

The Foundation

The Foundation

       What principles do we value? This past week I participated in a small workshop conference that included a discussion on foundational principles for our organizations.

The Foundation

In athletic training we know that base training is the foundation for the rest of the season. With a proper base, all other training is better, more productive, and produces better results. In life, the foundation principles are our base training.

During our discussion, we identified quality, loyalty, character, and integrity, and excellence as foundational principles upon which all other or future successes derive. Certainly this list is not exhaustive, and perhaps in some ways may be redundant. However, they are certainly worth our consideration and review.

       Quality is not only doing things well but also doing the right thing. People always respect quality, and a reputation for quality bodes well for long-term success.

     Loyalty is commitment, commitment to people and organizations that are important to us. Loyalty transcends time and is always there. Loyalty is always important to us through tough times, and when times are good. Loyalty is always there and reveals itself most strongly when it is most needed.

     Character is what defines ourselves deep down and what we are made of. Character is revealed in how we act and respond in times of stress or pressure.

        Integrity includes building a reputation for trust and reliability. It slowly builds over time and must always be protected. It is very powerful, yet very fragile.

Striving for excellence is a combination and the culmination of the other traits we have discussed. It makes us always want to improve, evolve, innovate, and inspire. Excellence may never be reached, but it can always be pursued.

These foundational principles are the building blocks for success personally and in our organizations. Surrounding ourselves with people that share these principles makes us all be better.

Always working on the foundation,


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