Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 29, 2007

Who Are We Really Racing?

Who Are We Really Racing?

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     Do you ever wonder who (or what) you are racing? I know I do, at least at times. Pros certainly know who they are racing, but the vast majority of us aren’t pros. For most of us, is it really a race? In triathlon, or in life, what are we really trying to win?


    (2007 Hawaii Ironman Finsh)

     First, why did I pick this topic, this week. Well, the Hawaii Ironman finish has now settled in a bit, and certainly I have done some reflecting. I have also read and heard comments from folks who are disappointed or bummed out about their race. So, who or what were they racing?

     Now, to be completely honest, I have done my share of reflecting of replaying the day, including wondering how different things could have been without two flat tires. And, then, did my run suffer due to the bike, or even due to subliminal attitudes that crept into my mind? Then, I have a good friend who had three flats and her attitude is better than mine! Time to get over it!

     One of the things we tend to chase in racing and in life, is our own satisfaction. For those of us who are type A, that may be the hardest satisfaction to actually obtain. I have written previously on subjects like honor and character, and I suppose those are things we are “chasing” or “racing.” And, of course the seven traits of Kupau that we discussed last week.

     It is probably important for most of us to remind ourselves that our athletics are simply voluntary path that we have chosen to actually further define ourselves in other areas of life. And that the race is actually just the metaphor or tool we have chosen to use to further ourselves on a deeper level. Isn’t that really what we are “racing?”

     On a closing note, I exchanged e-mails this past week with a close friend who was actually evacuated due to the California fires. He really brought the realities of the fires to “light” for me. Interesting how things 3000 miles away really don’t seem so real until you get a first hand account from someone you care about. Please join me remembering and support these folks at this difficult time.

Let’s remember who and what we are “racing,”



  1. Hi David…RJ directed me to your site: What great articles you have on here!

    Congrats on another finish. I look forward to reading more from you over the coming months as I head to my firt IM race.

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