Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 29, 2016

Making Deposits

Making Deposits

“It applies to all aspects of life,” instructed Coach Rimron. “The harder you work now, the greater the reward in the future. It’s just like making deposits in the bank.” This was one of the daily life lessons he gave his group of youngsters at daily practice.

It was my privilege to serve as an assistant wrestling coach under Coach Pat Rimron for the first Summit Eagles wrestling team. As an accomplished athlete and experienced coach, Coach Rimron was new to this school and was starting a wrestling team with a group of new to-the-sport middle school young athletes. It was a bit like teaching a foreign language where no one else knew how to speak it. It also provided a fresh opportunity to instill values and life lessons, which Coach Rimron took advantage of daily.


Keep “Making Deposits!”

The themes of hard work, determination, perseverance, and always getting back up are clearly evident in the sport of wrestling. Coach Rimron is well attuned to connect those lessons to success in life.

Of course, the same lessons and characteristics apply to the sport of triathlon and Ironman racing in particular. Hope and wishful thinking doesn’t get you to the finish line. To perform well or conquer the distance in the future you need to “make deposits” today in order to achieve those goals.


Achieve Those Goals

Many of the young wrestlers need to be stronger next year if they are going to improve their results. But they can’t wait until next year, rather they need to start “making deposits” today, tomorrow, and every day. A simple start is to roll out of bed first thing every (every!) morning and do as many pushups as they can. Simply doing this everyday will ensure that next year physical strength is not a limiter.

This repeats the same theme that we have discussed many times – consistent execution over time always produces better results in the future. The only question is whether we are willing to “make deposits” now and on a continual basis. For those who do, the realized satisfaction and fulfillment from the cumulative “account” is always worth it.


Fulfillment and Satisfaction

In one short season it was exciting to see the joy and satisfaction these young wrestlers achieved. Moreover, they developed an understanding of the value of “making deposits” now, and every day, in order to have a larger accomplishment “account” in the future.

As we mature, one of the lessons we continually see is that those who continue to “make deposits” also continue to make accomplishments. They never have to ask, with regret, “what might have been…?”

Keep making deposits,


  1. I love the pics!

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    • I’ve never seen two men with more passion for the sport and their wrestlers than coaches Rimron and Daggett. And thanks, I shot the photos.

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