Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 10, 2016

It’s Tricky

  It’s Tricky 

  “It’s tricky,” marathon legend Bill Rodgers repeated a number of times during his presentation to our track club at our annual dinner this past weekend.  It was a pleasure to meet “Boston Billy,” as he was dubbed by the press after winning the Boston Marathon four times, and having him speak to our group.


Bill described how very tricky and very challenging it is to be an elite runner.  Combining mileage, distance, strength, speed along with the tricky and challenging aspects of being expected to perform well.  On top of that, he added, it is also very tricky and challenging to hold a job, have a family, raise kids, and continue competing.

Continuing with the same theme, Bill said that due to the tricky and challenging nature of competing it is important to remember that running is about friends.  Reflecting back while listening it dawned on me that a large majority of my friends are runners (and swimmers and cyclists) and that the “friend thing,” as he described it, is key in sport and in life.

Running, and particularly long-distance running, is a “quest” and everyone on the quest is looking for the “golden fleece.”  Bill then circled back to the “friend thing” and talked about how friends make running fun “in a weird way.”

Lastly, Bill implored us to remember that every time we are out there someone sees you.  Just seeing you out running motivates them, encourages them, and perhaps influences them to be better too.  Then, he circled that back to the human emotions of a finish line which for many is the accomplishment of a lifetime.

It may be “very tricky and very challenging” but if we focus on the basics of friendship, fitness, and finding the quest for yourself it is very rewarding!

Maybe it’s not so tricky,




  1. I really relate to ” It’s tricky.” Not hard, not easy, but tricky! Love, Cdwd

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