Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 4, 2016

Daybreak Every Day

Daybreak Every Day 

            How did you start the New Year?  How do you start every day?  For more than 30 years now I have started each New Year’s morning with a daybreak ride on my mountain bike.  Heading out to Salem Lake to catch the first sunrise of the year always gets the year started on an optimistic and positive note.


This year was particularly special.  For the first time I did not do my New Year’s ritual alone.  Our 12‑year‑old son, Riley, joined me for what I will remember as a very special daybreak ride.  I didn’t even have to wake him up.  Riley was up and ready to roll, literally, in the 30 degree New Year’s morning.

We sat on the little bluff on the west side of Salem Lake to start the year together with a prayer, meditation, goal setting, and fitness.  Although it was cloudy and we did not have a brilliant sunrise, this daybreak ritual was very powerful and meaningful.  Perhaps we should begin each daybreak, every day, all year with a similar ritual.

This goes back to one of our most basic principles in Ironman for Life – consistent execution overtime always wins.  In athletics, and in life, success isn’t determined by how fast or far you run today, rather it’s how many days you train to run fast and far.  Likewise, big goals are important, but it is more important to pursue those goals every day, every day, every day!

Do you want your life to be more rewarding and more fulfilling on an ongoing basis?  Make it a daily ritual to begin each day just like we begin a new year, and then keep it going.  It doesn’t have to be fancy and it’s not complicated, but it must be continual.  Beginning each day, every day, with a prayer, meditation, goal setting, and fitness is a sure fire way to keep us moving forward on the road to success.

The gyms and my swimming pool were very crowded this morning.  Everyone is looking for the New Year, daybreak advantage.  But one day, or a few, doesn’t do it.  Statistically it will drop off seventy-five percent in the next couple of weeks and by February everything will be back to the same old, same old . . . will you?

It’s a new day, every day,


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