Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 20, 2015

The Best Run Ever

The Best Run Ever

            What was your best run ever?  What memories do you have from that experience?  Do you use those memories as a motivator for future performance?

Best Run Ever!

Best Run Ever!

Last weekend I experienced my “best run ever.”  Our 15‑year-old daughter set a goal to run a half marathon this year.  The only problem is that we had to fit it in between the end dance season that ended with the winter dance concert, and the beginning of practice for the spring musical Big River.  That only left one weekend.  So, the half marathon we found was a trail half marathon at the U.S. National Whitewater Center outside of Charlotte, North Carolina.

We were both in reasonably good running shape coming out of the fall.  Annecy ran fall cross country and winter track.  I recently fished my 24th Ironman and continue to maintain a fitness lifestyle.  Once we decided on this race, we did a long trail run of 90 minutes or longer each of the past four weekends.  Our trail runs included Salem Lake, Pilot Mountain, and Tanglewood Park.  In hindsight we sure are glad that we practiced on some varying trails.

4 Mile Finishers

4 Mile Finishers

We were both very excited come race day.  The two younger kids ran the 4 mile trail race and Annecy and I were ready for the half marathon.  It is very difficult to describe in words just how challenging this course was.  Ninety percent of the course was on single track trails that were constantly up, down, muddy, never straight, and over rocks, roots, leaves, and other obstacles.  I believe it is the most difficult course I have ever run in training or in a race.

The murderous conditions made the finish line reward even sweeter.  Annecy and I ran together the entire course and enjoyed every moment.  The greater the challenge it seemed the greater the smiles.  As a bonus she even won her age group!

One of the great rewards of a healthy, fitness lifestyle is the ability to enjoy and succeed in a difficult challenge.  The fruits of our labor can only be enjoyed through hard work, discipline, and ongoing perseverance for a healthy fitness life style.

This “Best Run Ever” also serves as a motivator for ongoing fitness.  Days like these are our carrot to keep us going.  Sweet memories invite future challenges.  I can’t wait for the next, and may another “Best Ever!”

It was the best ever,


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