Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 14, 2015

New Year Advantage

New Year Advantage

             Has your new year started out like you planned it?  Are you sticking to your plan?  Have you committed to daily action – every day, every day, every day!  Of course, that is the secret advantage!

New Year Advantage

New Year Advantage

They are starting to drop off already.  The gyms and health clubs are always packed at the first of the year.  My YMCA that I have been going to first thing every morning for 30 years was overflowing last week.  However, it is just as predictable as the time of day.  After the first 2 weeks, there is a slight drop off.  Some will continue through February.  By March 1 everything is back to normal.

Health clubs, gyms, and YMCAs at the beginning of the year are illustrative of how most people pursue life.  They get all excited and start out with the best of intentions.  Soon, they wear out, or lose interest, or simply are too lazy to keep going.  They simply don’t do it.

The good news is that for those who do keep going is they have a New Year advantage over the competition.  You can call it perseverance, will power, discipline, or any number of descriptors.  The bottom line is that it takes consistent action to succeed in any endeavor.

Very few people have or harness the sheer power of will to metaphorically get up early every single morning in pursuit of a worthwhile goal.  For those that do, the good news is that there is virtually no competition, because others simply won’t do it.

Consistent execution over time is a flawless strategy on the road to success.  It cannot be beat.  There is such a small percentage of people who will actually do it, that for those who persevere, they have a clear advantage.

Now is the time!  Are you taking full advantage of your New Year advantage?  It is the secret that wins every time.

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  1. Makes me think of the parable of the sower. The one you are describing is the one that is sown in rocky soil where roots are not able to grow. I am so thankful to be a part of Fleet Feet’s programs which gives me the structure and accountability I need to persist and persevere! (I guess you could say they are my ‘good soil’!) Also, thank you for allowing us to use your building as a meeting place from which to run, and opening your doors to us for restroom use! I took advantage of that this afternoon, as I often do! 🙂

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