Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 30, 2014



Let’s reflect back – did we pursue 2014 with purpose?  What do we want to accomplish 2015?   We need to set our inner compass for the direction we want to go.  Moving forward with purpose helps us to avoid wasted time and effort.

With Purpose

With Purpose

Intentionality is one of the ingredients to help us succeed in any of our worthy pursuits.  Without intentionality we tend to pursue life in a bit of a haphazard manner.  Accordingly, we need to intentionally set a plan or destination so that we don’t just get overly busy with activities that allow us to forget and stray from the path of accomplishment.

Just like in training for an event, we need a plan and a direction so that we do not just wander around. Unfortunately, many people go through life akin to aimless wandering.  Having a purpose and a plan seems to be almost automatic when we are training for an athletic event.  Likewise, we need to act with purpose in all of the important aspects of our lives.

When we act with purpose professionally, physically, socially, and spiritually we are able to achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in all of those areas. Consciously and intentionally choosing our action steps in the areas that are important to us allows us to pursue our lives purposely rather than randomly.  We therefore are able to live fully and productively by choice rather than by random chance.

Did we accomplish all that we wanted to accomplish last year?  We can use the lessons of the past as we look forward.  Let’s purposely and intentionally set a course for 2015.  The reward for our efforts will be purposeful accomplishments and intended results.

With purpose,


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