Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 10, 2014

Dream Big

       Dream Big

          One of the great revelations in life is that we can do whatever we want to do, and be whatever we want to be.  The only questions are defining  the goals, and how hard are we willing to work for them.  Anything is possible . . . Dream Big!

Dream Big

            Beyond the wild extremes we can go after any goal we set before us.  I recently spoke to a fifth grade class and all of the boys wanted to be NFL football players.  That probably is not going to happen.  I am 5‑10, can’t jump very high, and wasn’t blessed with the best hand-eye coordination – I probably will never be a LeBron James.

However, other than these extremes we have very few externally imposed limitations.  We are the architects of our lives and we can build whatever we want.  We all have God‑given talents, it is just up to us to do the work and make it happen.  The one thing we can always be is the very best you, or me, that we can be.  No one else can do that. So let’s get going!

Of course, athletics and competition are great training grounds for goal setting for future achievers of all ages.  Just having a finish line out there is the basics of goal setting.  Athletic finish lines also teach the importance of planning and daily action.   Them these same principles for goals in all aspects of life.


Winners believe in their dreams.  Some Dreams are Crazy Dreams.  Winners relentlessly turn these dreams into goals.  Of course dreams without hard work is simply wishful thinking. Winners plan, act, and preserve always will the eye on the goal.

Imagine what is possible.  See it, believe it, and then go after it.  It’s just that simple … and just that hard.  I believe you can do it!

Always dreaming,


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