Posted by: David D. Daggett | December 19, 2013

Choose Success

Choose Success

They are the best and the brightest I have ever seen!   Our upcoming generation of students have unlimited potential and I think they will “Change the World!”  I recently had tho privilege of making six 90 minute presentations to freshman at Reynolds High School.


Although I’ve made 100s of presentations to 1000s of students over the past 30 years or so, I never cease to get re-energized and optimistic about our future!   Students today are bright and motivated.  They don’t suffer from the barriers of social, racial, and economical limitations.

In the presentations entitled “Choose Success” I encouraged and reminded the students to Dream Big, No Excuses and Never Give Up!  We discussed real life issues and pressures that they face daily which cuts across all spectrums and backgrounds.  An abbreviated version of the presentation can be seen here:

It always surprises me a bit how favorable they respond to metaphors particularly using triathlon and Ironman stories.  Although I think some are rather corny they tend to like them and somehow relate. Interestingly, the students always seem to focus in when I share the Ironman Everyday Hero video, shown here:

(TV excerpt video courtesy of IRONMAN and Ironworks Productions)

Please join me in continuing to encourage and support our young people on their path to success.  It takes all of us working together in our own way to for the success of our communities in the future.

Choose success,


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