Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 16, 2013

It Really Happened!

Kona Live – 2013!  

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It Really Happened!

We preciously wrote on crazy dreams. Dreams include facing challenges. Challenges frame us and mold us. They prepare us to be better in the future. They make us better than we could have been.


My toes danced (dragged?) Down Ali’i drive to finish the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championship for the seventh time over the past 23 years. This time really challenged and tested me but I was thrilled to finish this iconic race.

Perhaps the challenge is the ultimate reason for Ironman racing. Most of us get into it as a challenge to do something we were not really sure were able to do. This motive helps us to face other challenges in our lives.

Challenges give us energy. Energy that can propel us through our entire life. Challenges make us active and vibrant. Further, they keep us reaching and strive as we seek a life of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Challenges teach us persistence and determination. These twin traits perpetually transcend us and make us better. These traits allow us to fulfill our expectations and keep us moving in a positive direction. Desire for achievement is fueled by persistence and determination. Moreover, they create a belief in our self that allows us to accomplish more than we once ever thought possible.

Finally, challenges reward us with results. Even if they test us and end up to be more difficult than we thought, the thrill of accomplishment launches us forward toward future successes. Facing challenges makes dreams come true!

Make it happen,

Kona Live – 2013!  

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  1. You are my main man!!!!!!

  2. Congratulations David!! And thank you so much for the amazing pictures all week! It was so interesting to see the Event from behind the scenes with the current pros, the race originators (Collins and Haller), the icons (Kathleen McCartney, Bill Bell, Harriet Anderson) and the regular people like the incredible volunteers and bellboys that make the race happen. I even liked your trips to church and the banana farm. Thanks for taking the time to post all those!! Congratulations again on your season!!

  3. Congratulations David from El Salvador !!! We are soooo proud of you!! You are an example to all of us.God Bless you always! Lillianne

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