Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 2, 2013

Crazy Dreams

Crazy Dreams

How do you see yourself? How do you view the world around you? Do you see what is, or do you see what is possible? Dream it, believe it, execute a plan, and make it happen!

1990 Hawaii Ironman

1990 Hawaii Ironman

Imagine this – more than 30 years ago I had a crazy dream to do an Ironman someday. I even dreamed of doing the Hawaii Ironman, someday. After a number of years of diligent training, traveling around the world racing and doing qualifiers, it finally happened. In 1990 I qualified to compete in the Hawaii Ironman World Triathlon Championship! Crossing that finish line was a “crazy dream” come true.

Now, preparing for my seventh time at the Hawaii Ironman I still harbor crazy dreams and look forward to that hallowed finish line. The journey has taught me a lot of simple life lessons, and a lot about me.

If you have a crazy dream, you can make it happen. To do it you have to start now, start today, and don’t quit until you achieve the goal. In all aspects of our lives we have a choice and that choice is to execute a plan to go after our dreams, or procrastinate the time away and it will never happen. Either way, just like out on the Ironman course, we determine the outcome of our own dreams.

We can’t sit around and wait for “someday,” or someday will never happen. We need to see the world as it can be. We need to see us as we can be. Dream, plan, and then deliver.

What are your crazy dreams? Make them happen by starting today and never, never give up until you reach that goal.

Still dreaming,



  1. Thanks! Super!

    P.s. You need to take a picture of the trunk/locker of your car…there is a story (or two) to be told there!

    Love, Cdwd

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