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Do you have mentors?  Are you a mentor to others?  Mentors help shape us, mold us, and make us better versions of ourselves.  Likewise, we have the reciprocal responsibility to mentor others.

Clyde Dula, A Great Mentor

Clyde Dula, A Great Mentor

This week I was once again reminded of the value of mentors when I lost one of my main mentors.  Our friend, neighbor, and mentor Clyde Dula passed away this week.  He was a Marine, a World War II  veteran, a church leader, community leader, father, husband, and business owner.  Wow!  What an influence he had on our family and me!

Clyde will be missed and we are sad at his passing.  However, his influence will strongly continue to generations of people who looked up to him as a mentor.

Mentoring is so important because it guarantees that the important values and character traits get passed along from generation to generation.  Mentors set examples that are followed by others.

Mentoring provides leadership in areas that to us may seem easy or straightforward, but is a complete mystery to a younger person.  Life experiences of mentors provide mentees with an experienced friend who can guide us through any number of situations.

Mentors many times have a transforming impact on the lives of another.  Many times, mentors become lifelong heroes!  Certainly Clyde Dula is a hero of ours and has had a transforming impact not only on us, but on our children too.

Mentors help improve a young person’s self-esteem.  Statistically, young people with mentors are less likely to get in trouble with the law, or to have problems with alcohol and drugs.

We all need mentors, and we all need to be a mentor to others.  Thank you Clyde for being a mentor to me, and now it’s our turn to carry on your example for others.

Thanks for the mentoring, Clyde,



  1. Thank you! Love CDWD

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  2. I love this so sweet

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