Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 22, 2013

Why So Scared?

Why So Scared?

Do you ever get scared?  What affect does it have on you?  For me, this is Ironman week and I am scared!  Pre-event anxiety probably affects most of us.  The way we handle it has a definite impact on our performance results.

Why So Scared?

Why So Scared?

Fear is an interesting emotion.  I have completed more than 165 triathlons with 21 Ironman finishes.  So, why does the anxiety and fear still creep into my thoughts and emotions?  Certainly it is an uncomfortable feeling, but if used properly, it can be a helpful tool.

Saturday night Cindy turned her fear in to an age group win at the very competitive “Beat the Heat 5K.”  However, it was interesting watching the whole spectrun of emotion in lead up to this big race.  It was a bit like looking in the mirror!

First, let’s look at the downside.  We have to be very careful not to let our fears limit us.  If the pursuit is worthy, we cannot let fear stop us.  As an old friend of mine says, the difference between success and failure is whether you are willing to “toe the line.”  As in, put your toe on the starting line and go!  The common denominator for all successes in life is that it takes action, or toeing the line.

Likewise, we cannot allow fear to be used to rationalize subpar performance or to foreshadow content with mediocrity.  Many people get in a habit of rationalizing in advance, and it always tends to be a performance limiter.

There is a fine line between fear and positive anxiety.  We can turn this anxiety into positive excitement and anticipation that boost our performance.  The mind is very powerful, and we can use our mental “switch” to turn ourselves on for a positive performance.  Positive self affirmation turns our fear and anxiety into powerful mental stimulosus that helps us achieve more.

If we embrace our fears, we can turn them into a launching pad for positive performance.  In my case, I look forward to reporting on crossing the Ironman finish line for the 22nd time!

Just a little scared,



  1. Wishing you a great race!! 22 is amazing!!

    Congrats to your wife!! AG win??!! Awesome!!

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