Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 20, 2013

On Your Team

On Your Team

Whose team are you on?  Who is on your team?  Do you make your team better, and does your team make you better?  On a true Team, true to its acronym, Everyone Accomplishes More.



Teammates pick you up when you are down.  They brush you off when you are dirty.  They keep your head in the game and going the right direction.  A strong team helps us in all aspects of life.

Your family, or close social circle, is a team.  This is probably your most important team.  We need them, and they need us.   Unfortunately, this can often be the easiest to ignore or take for granted.  Always working to make this team stronger also makes us stronger, and better, in the process.

Professionally, we are a team at work.  We all have individual duties and responsibilities, and we are expected to do them well.  However, we also come together to help each other, and to make the sum greater than just adding the individuals together.  Teammates help each other excel to become even better as individuals and as a whole.

Spiritually, we need a team too.  We need a circle of encouragement and support to keep our faith and to keep us strong.  As one of our foundational anchors, having a strong spiritual team in place is a support structure that transcends all aspects of our lives.

I suppose athletically is where the team metaphor originates.  We cannot overlook that in individual sports such as triathlon and Ironman competitions having a team is equally important.  Members of the team help us with training, with recovery, and keeping the various aspects of our lives positive and fulfilling as we pursue our athletic endeavors.

Lastly, teammates help us continually excel.  We must groom, and possibly choose, our teammates wisely so that we can excel to new levels in all aspects of our lives.  this continual pursuit keeps us strong and vibrant.

Having our team in place is essential on our road to a life filled with fulfillment and satisfaction.  Whose on your team?

On your team,



  1. Great thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

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