Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 4, 2013

Ironman Dances for the Homeless

Ironman Dances for the Homeless

Yes, that’s dancing, not running!  I was asked to participate in the  Annual  Winston-Salem version of “Dancing with the Stars”,“Take the Lead” to benefit the homeless.  I was offered a professional dancer as a partner, but opted for my lovely bride Cindy who was an accomplished ballet dancer in her day.  Shortly after it was announced that we were the first ever husband- wife couple, a couple of others did the same.

David Daggett Can’t Dance  Video        VOTE NOW! VOTE OFTEN!

Now, let me let you in on a secret . . . I can’t dance!   However, I couldn’t resist this great cause.  The Bethesda Center for the Homeless does a terrific job!  Bethesda is a  leader in caring for the community’s most desperate homeless individuals, it’s the only day shelter in the community and the only emergency night shelter that serves men and women.  They do more than just feed the homeless, they move homeless people into housing, while providing supportive services that result in independent living.

So, you’ve not seen us out dancing before – so this will be a first! We promise to put our best feet forward in support of the important and admirable work of the Bethesda Center.   The event will be Thursday April 25, and livestream will be available.  We need your help!    Vote Here!

It easy to help us. $10 is the cost to shelter and care for one homeless man or woman for one night. Each vote is $10, or 10 for $100, or 50 for $500 etc. All the votes are tax deductible and go to the unbelievably vital organization serving hundreds of our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

PLEASE help by voting early and voting often at Vote Here!   PLEASE Forward the link to any and all who would enjoy watching us dance our hearts out for the homeless.

You may also cast votes by phone or by mail. Please be sure to say your votes are for Team Daggett!

David Daggett Can’t Dance  Video        VOTE NOW! VOTE OFTEN!

I will dance,


2. PHONE- (336)722-9951 ext 414
3. MAIL- Take the Lead ATTN: Sowmya
Bethesda Center for the Homeless
930 N. Patterson Ave.
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


  1. I love it!!! Very nicely done. And I love YOU! Cdwd

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