Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 9, 2013



Do we act nobly?  No, I’m not talking about being from a privileged class.  Nobility also means being or acting morally or spiritually good.  Perhaps nobility should be part of our fundamental building blocks for 2013.



Nobility seems to be a lost concept in businesses in our society.  As athletes, business leaders, church members, and in our families I believe we have an obligation to reinstill qualities of nobility in our communities.  Nobility is an expression of our character.  It means acting with basic decency and respect.

We should require our political, civic, and community leaders to model dignity for our young people and upcoming generations.  Only through modeling these qualities can we preserve the values that we at least espouse to endear.  Actions speak louder than words, and it seems we are deeply in need of positive action from our leaders.

Individually, we can make it part of our daily routines to find joy in supporting and encouraging the successes of others.  From Dale Carnegie to Norman Vincent Peel to Steven Covey, and all the great writers and lecturers on becoming a success have a consistent message – when we help others succeed, we succeed even more.  Further, it reflects and perpetuates nobility on an individual basis.

Most of all, we need to make a conscious effort to lead by example.  That is why it is so important and necessary for our leaders to start modeling noble qualities.  As the old saying goes, there are three ways to teach and lead young people – “by example, by example, and by example!”

It all starts with us.  Our character, individually and collectively must lead and exceed of success.  Then, our successes make the world a better place – one person, one business, one church, one athlete at a time.  Let’s be noble!

Joining the noble,



  1. Good job! Love, Cdwd

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  2. True. Albert Schweitzer wrote, “Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it’s the ONLY thing.” That is my favorite quote and one of my mottos!
    Great article, David!

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