Posted by: David D. Daggett | November 29, 2012

Not Finished Yet

Not Finished Yet

       “I’m not finished yet,” their voices rang out almost in stereo after the finish of the Turkey Strut 5K race Thanksgiving morning.  Of the hundreds of runners gathered after the finish two with big smiles engaged the little audience around them.

Not Finished Yet!

They were being congratulated on their accomplishments.  Lizzie had her medal with her from her recent Half Ironman finish, and Dad was the only racer in the 80-and-over category.  Recall that over the past several years Lizzie began getting in shape, did a few local races, lost 110 pounds, and is now a Half Ironman finisher.  Dad, as a longtime self-described “jogger” who had done a couple of 10Ks back in the seventies, decided to gear up his racing again in the 80-and-over category.

Post-race gatherings are always interesting.  Competitors are relishing in their achievement, and enjoying the company of other likeminded people.  On this day, it was impressive to see the large gathering of people who wanted to begin their Thanksgiving holiday in a way that supports a healthy, fitness lifestyle for themselves and their families.

As the congratulations were dished out to Lizzie and Dad, one of the runners gathering had a tone of finality in his voice.  That’s when Lizzie and Dad rang out, almost in unison, “I’m not finished yet!”

It is an interesting psychological development for runners, racers, and competitors that the finish line does not represent finality; rather, it represents an ongoing continuation.  That continuation includes the benefits of health and fitness, friendly competition, and an optimistic attitude toward the future.

The same is true in all aspects of our lives.  We often look at events, accomplishments, and even milestones as conclusory when in reality they are merely a continuation of ourselves.  All of life, like running and racing, is a continual progression on the road to satisfaction and fulfillment.

I still smile with memories of Lizzie and Dad at the post-race gathering, and keep in mind their ongoing lesson “I’m not finished yet!”

Not finished,


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