Posted by: David D. Daggett | October 24, 2012

Decency And Respect

Decency And Respect

        Are you tired of the bickering and blame game?  It seems that this political season has hit a new low.  Everyone I ask is tired of the nonsense and shenanigans.  Don’t you just wish they would be honest?

Decency And Respect

Perhaps in some ways our current political environment is a reflection on all of us.  Relationships seem to have become transactional instead of interpersonal.  Many times we operate and communicate through technology which gives us an altered presence.  Isn’t it interesting how much courage some people have when they are anonymous.

This sort of behavior has infiltrated many aspects of our lives.  Triathlon message forums are full of it.  People talk about people who they don’t even know on subjects they know nothing about. Yet, even there people  engage in unfair innuendo, anecdotes, finger pointing, and many times just plain untruths.  Unfortunately, behavior that folks engage in while anonymous seems to have transcended and become commonplace in our everyday lives.

We all have to be careful with electronic communication.  When communicating electronically we lose the nuances of expression, emotion, and non-verbal relationship building communication.  We should use technology to assist with our relationships rather than interfere with them.  However, this takes conscious effort and work.

In speaking with young people about their futures and careers I indicate that I believe that one of the most valuable tools they can develop is the ability to build relationships and interact in person with broad spectrums of people.

It appears that we would all like to build decency and respect back into our society.  Hopefully this political season has hit bottom and we will all work together to a future with greater civility for all of us.

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  1. I’m nodding my head with you!

    Love Cdwd

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  2. […] Nobility seems to be a lost concept in businesses in our society.  As athletes, business leaders, church members, and in our families I believe we have an obligation to reinstall qualities of nobility in our communities.  Nobility is an expression of our character.  It means acting with basic decency and respect. […]

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