Posted by: David D. Daggett | August 13, 2012

Faith, Focus, Finish!

Faith, Focus, Finish!

       Wow! The Olympic Games were spectacular – and we are always left with great memories, as well as some life lessons. It seems everyone is still and talking about the events. Perhaps we all “participate” in our own way. And, there are metaphoric lessons for all of us.

       Did you watch or read about the men’s 4 x 400 meter relay on the track? How do we respond when the chips are down? Do we keep going or do simply give in. Manteo Mitchell gave us something to remember.

       As a side note, it also struck me as interesting that Manteo Mitchell is from North Carolina where Manteo is a town at the furthest point East, and Mt. Mitchell is the highest point on the East of the Mississippi. Perhaps his name was prophetic to the occasion.

       To set the stage, Mitchell was running the lead off leg of a qualifying heat of the relay and was 200 meters into his leg. The team needed a strong leg from Mitchell to advance to the medal round. Their team had already been weakened by injuries.

       Then, he heard something pop in his leg. He continued running and gave his team a good first leg. He later learned that he had snapped the fibula in his left leg. He still gave it his all which allowed his team to tie the fastest ever qualifying leg. The team, with his replacement, went on the win the silver medal in the finals.

       How did he do it? He kept repeating to himself “Faith, Focus, Finish . . . Faith, Focus, Finish.” Those words struck me. Repeat each of them individually out loud to yourself. They are powerful, and provide a great lesson for persevering in unforeseen circumstances. “I just wanted to finish and do what I was called in to do.”

        What are we called to do? Do we have a purpose greater than ourselves? When times get tough, where do we turn. The next time I’m in a predicament I’m going to try “Faith, Focus, Finish.”

       Mitchell was there on crutches with a cast/boot to cheer his team on in finals. The lessons also include teamwork. None of us can do it alone, and the others need us to do our part. Don’t we all need the support of others?

       Please stay tuned. We’ll review more lessons next week.

Faith, Focus, and always Finish,



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