Posted by: David D. Daggett | July 3, 2012

Join The Posse

Join The Posse

        Have you joined the posse? I consider myself an honorary member. Sheriff John Whetsel from Oklahoma County in Oklahoma City invited me to join him in making a presentation at the annual convention of the National Sheriffs Association. So, I am in the posse!

Sheriff John Whesel – Oklahoma County

        I was truly impressed with the quality of the 4,000 law enforcement officers from across the country in attendance. In addition to sheriffs there were dozens of vendors and representatives of and presentations by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, the National Highway Traffic Administration, the National Fire Protection Association, The Coalition Against Bigger Trucks, and many others.

        Our presentation was entitled “The Power to Influence the Future.” We focused on the importance of ensuring the future quality and safety of our communities by encouraging young people through positive peer pressure and community support.

        We simply have to do our part to put them on the road to success! This includes leadership, guidance, and direction. Young people today are among the best, brightest, and most talented that we have ever had. They’re looking to us for encouragement and support and to show them how they can be successful in life.

        We do this through education, community groups, our churches, and our daily interactions. Athletics is a natural path to connect and gain credibility with young people. This common avenue of communication enables us to be a positive influence on our youth. Further shows them that a healthy, fitness lifestyle is an added asset as they look to the future.

        Please join Sheriff Whetsel and me in being part of the circle of encouragement and support for our young people. Together, and one at a time, we have the power to influence the future!

In the posse,


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