Posted by: David D. Daggett | June 7, 2012

In Your Hands

In Your Hands

        Do you ever wonder about your future? Of course, we all do. The good news is that the future is in your hands.

The Future is in Your Hands!

The Future is in Your Hands!

         This past weekend I had the pleasure of delivering a baccalaureate address to a graduating class of 2012. I am excited for these young people. They can look forward optimistically to chase their dreams, and have a positive influence on the world around them.

         We all need to dream big dreams and go after them. This is a conscious decision that we all make. The future is not chance, it is choice – and it is in your hands! I also shared the story of the person in the mirror. Were you honest with yourself? Did you challenge yourself? Did you do the best you can? Please do that and look yourself right in the eye. Because that honesty check that you give yourself is the best honesty check that you can possibly do. Don’t set limits on yourself. You can be whatever you want to be.

         Most of us limit ourselves by making excuses. And excuses are the biggest limiting factor you can possibly have. What we have to do is get rid of the excuses, get rid of the limits we put on ourselves, and we need to get out there and go after it. Don’t put limits on yourself because you can be whatever you wanna be.

         Always handle yourself with class. Wherever you go, be a class act. It’s a moral imperative! People who do that have an easier road to success. That always happens. Hopefully the coming generations will return to basic moral principles of dignity and respect. Handling yourself with class will allow the coming generation to have a positive impact on our world.

          And then lastly, never ever give up. One thing that I have learned in Ironman racing, and you may think it’s very, very simple, but life is a long distance event. When you’re in that run something that you have to keep doing, no matter how hard it is, no matter how hot it is, no matter what the competition is, no matter what’s in front of you, is you gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other. And as long as you’re moving forward towards your goals, as long as your putting one foot in front of the other, and as long as you never ever give up, you will be a success in life.

       So  don’t put limits on yourself, always handle yourself with class, and never ever give up. Success is a choice. It doesn’t just happen. You need to choose to succeed. The future is in your hands!

In your hands,



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