Posted by: David D. Daggett | May 15, 2012

Doing Our Best

Doing Our Best

        Doesn’t it feel good when you know you done your best? We just finished the Junior high school track season. It is a joy just to watch these young competitors.

Doing Our Best

        At this age competitive sports are very participatory in nature. There are some fast kids, some slow kids, and a whole lot in between. However, the common denominator is watching each of them get out there and do their best.

         Doing our best is not necessarily about winning. In fact, it is many times easy when you win. Frequently, real personal development occurs when we do our best and come up short. When we do our best, even in defeat, we can pick ourselves up with a resiliency of character that makes us even better in the future.

         Perhaps one of the more difficult lessons we learn while doing our best is that the external rewards are not always the most import. Although there is nothing wrong with being recognized for performance achievement, doing your best is more powerful than that. Doing our best is a building block for a life time of fulfillment and satisfaction The internal gratification we received from doing our best, regardless of the performance outcome, is extremely powerful in our personal character and psychological development.

       I always enjoy watching young athletes – they frequently bring tears to my eyes. Seeing them do their best, and supporting each other all the way is inspiring. Further, it is instructive to all of us to see their joy of competition and personal achievement.

        Doing our best allows us to feel satisfaction deep within ourselves, and also helps us see it in others. Further, it allows us to appreciate our achievements individually and collectively.

Doing our best,

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