Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 10, 2012



       What do you expect from yourself? Do you believe it? Our expectations of ourselves are very determinant of our successes and personal satisfaction.


       We become what we think. Accordingly, it is important to have positive thoughts and believe in future possibilities, which in turn become expectations for our successes.

        We create our own self-fulfilling prophecies. What we expect with confidence becomes a probability for actually achieving. The interesting thing about expectations is that studies have shown that our expectations are likely to come true even if they are based on false underlying information or assumptions. That demonstrates just how powerful our expectations are, and that is true whether the expectations are positive or negative. Accordingly, we need to train ourselves to have positive expectations.

       Expectations are difficult for some people because expectations are based on forward looking. If you have difficulties forward looking, there are ways to “trick” yourself into “seeing” your expectations. Athletes do this with visualization. Again, studies have shown that visualizing a result is as strong as practicing for a result. A trick is to outline in detail the future as if it has already happened. In other words you tell yourself a story now of your successes yet to be. This creates a very powerful psychological trigger which makes those future successes very likely to occur.

       For Ironman racing, see the finish. See the time on the clock. Then work yourself backwards and see the entire race as it unfolds. Then see the training it takes to get there and what that looks like. See it all. Expect and believe you can accomplish it. Write it down and commit to it. There is no stopping you!

        We achieve what we believe. If we expect success, we obtain success. So, we need to set positive, high expectations, along with a plan to execute, and then deliver the results.

With high expectations,


  1. I like that! I also use Proverbs 16:3 for hope in my plans.
    I think a lot of the time people think too low of themselves. It’s something that can be overcome. There’s nothing that we can’t do when our strength is in Jesus!
    Thanks David!

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