Posted by: David D. Daggett | April 4, 2012

Luck and Wishful Thinking

Luck and Wishful Thinking

       Do you find your self wishing for good luck? It seems that with the recent mega millions lottery that a lot of people were genuinely wishing for luck. Personally, I’m not a fan of the lottery . . . And, I am not a big believer in wishing for pure luck.

The harder we work, the luckier we get.

The harder we work, the luckier we get.

        Big dreams are an important part of success. Dreams without hard work are simply wishful thinking. Likewise, dreams with an infinitesimal chance for success are again wishful thinking. Wishful thinking, as opposed to dreams we are willing to work for, is deceptive and prevents us from achieving our full potential.

       The problem with the lottery, or me wanting to be an NBA center, is that 0.000001% (or lower) chance of success is not a realistic plan. Yet, it is surprising the number of folks who staked a hope in winning the lottery, and were disappointed when they did not. This is an illusion and deception from reality akin to drugs and alcohol.

       On the flip side, anything is possible when we dream big and are willing to work to achieve the results. True dreams require a well thought out plan. Then, we need to execute on the plan daily . . . and just keeping on going toward our goals. Just like running shoes do no good when left in the closest, we need to take them out every day in order for them to make progress.

       There is an old saying that luck is where preparation meets opportunity. And, we regularly see this in action. The harder we work, the luckier we get. It is one of the laws of nature that never lets us down.

Feeling Lucky,


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