Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 27, 2012

On a Binge

On a Binge

        Do you ever go on a binge? I sure do. Sweets around the office especially during the holidays is a particular weakness of mine. And, in typical triathlete fashion, a large jar of new Nutella can get in quick danger around me.

On a Binge!

Perhaps it is human nature to go on binges. It seems people binge with drinking, eating, work, marriage, sex, and in about every other aspect of want in life. Some of it is the lure of the forbidden, and some is our lack of discipline. Or perhaps we simply want it, and we want it now! However, binges are not sustainable and over time and many times lead to destructors behavior. For most, binges can be unhealthy or even dangerous.

Commercial diet programs rarely work. The reason is that the diet is a form of a drastic change, or binge, that usually is not sustainable. The drastic change creates a rebound off of which there is a binge in the other direction. A better plan would be gradual change and adaptation leading to a program that is sustainable. This consistency will always win in the long run (pun intended).

We see it athletically too. People tend to binge on their physical activity. We see it all the time – new training programs, the latest and greatest miracle fitness aid, and the outlandish claims. These programs, plans, and schemes simply don’t work. They merely appeal, temporarily, to our natural binge emotions. The problem is most people get themselves stuck in a vicious cycle of injury, weight gain, setbacks, and getting out of shape. The result is frustration and burn out. Then we quit and end up worse than before we ever started.

Perhaps a culprit is that many folks are simply too impatient to pay there fitness dues. There is no quick fix. There is no instant fitness. Physically, and perhaps in other aspects of life, it is important to have a sustainable program that builds gradually with consistent progress.

Of course we know the answer is consistency over an extended period of time. This takes time, commitment, and discipline. The result is fulfillment and satisfaction that a binge can’t ever obtain.

Fighting the Binge,


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