Posted by: David D. Daggett | March 20, 2012



       What rewards do we gain from athletic competition? What do we expect to receive? Perhaps we learn that hard work resulting in our own self esteem is what we all really desire more than anything else.


      We learn that greatest reward is the joy that is inexplicably internal and beyond anything tangible we can buy or can be given. The commitment, discipline, and sacrifice needed to obtain an athletic goal are truly personal. Of course this also applies to the spiritual, professional, and family/social aspects of our lives too

      Our family got to witness this firsthand this past weekend as Cindy, Mom, ran her first half marathon. It was fun to watch her and cheer for her as she worked toward a goal and then accomplished it. Finish line milestones can be described, but never understood until it is personally experienced.

       Our desire is the reward of internal gratification called self esteem that only comes by working for goal and achieving it. You can’t buy it, and no one can give it to you. Any other way and we are simply mercenaries just doing it for secular gain, which very quickly loses its value. Isn’t that odd – external praise or reward can’t ever equal the value of the internal knowledge of ourselves.

        Speaking of rewards, I was a bit surprised at the joy I had as the support crew for this race. In fact, I got quite sore from jumping up and down and cheering for several hours as runners worked their way around the course. Maybe I found an internal piece of myself.

        It’s not the race itself. The race is simply a portal to our inner self. It is beautiful to see in us and even more beautiful to see it on others. Somehow along the way we figure out what is really important. Maybe that’s why volunteers are always such wonderful people.

Reaping rewards,



  1. Great post!! Congrats to your wife!! A half marathon is legit!!

    I agree that it is more rewarding to see someone else work toward a goal and then achieve it. As a BOP triathlete who has had a ball with my own late blooming Tri quest, I’ve loved seeing my kids win tournaments and state championships and finish their first Tris so much more. I hope you and Cindy get the same joy from your three. You both set a good example!!

    And can’t say enough about great race volunteers! Bless them!

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