Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 28, 2012



        “It’s not that complicated, just be consistent,” he implored. Further he demonstrated, using examples, that consistency over an extended period of time produces results. It doesn’t have to be a fancy or complicated program, Just get out and run.

Cindy, Bart, and me

        We were fortunate to have the legendary runner and Chief Running Officer at Runner’s World magazine, Bart Yasso, as the guest speaker at our annual track club dinner. Cindy and I enjoyed meeting and chatting with Bart. He is certainly a legend and inspiration to all runners. We look forward to crossing paths with him again, and possibly visiting for a run up at the Runner’s World headquarters in Pennsylvania.

         Bart echoed an ongoing theme that we have discussed many times – consistency over an extended period of time always produces results. Consistency and persistence are two sides of the same coin. Consistency takes persistence, and persistence takes can consistently. Then, enjoy the progress. As Bart says, “It’s not how far you run, it’s how far you have come.”

        Certainly with regard to running consistency is in large measure physical. However, mental strength is a large part of being consistent. We need to exercise our “mental strength” muscle just like we exercise our physical muscles. Consistently strengthening our mental muscles give us a positive mental attitude and, moreover, make us be believers in and our own abilities. And, when we believe we almost always succeed. As Bart says, “Never limit where running can take you.”

         Consistency also evidences itself as dependability. Dependability positively influences relationships with others. Positive relationships with others strengthen our circle of encouragement and support. So, you can see that our consistency comes back to us through others positively influencing our road to success.

        We need to be consistent to succeed, in life just like in athletics. Certainly, we also need to help others along the way. Consistency over an extended period of time is an unbeatable formula for success.

Staying consistent,


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