Posted by: David D. Daggett | February 21, 2012

We Are All Leaders

We Are All Leaders

      This President’s Day weekend had me thinking about leadership. I came to realize that we are all leaders, and we all are needed in leadership roles . As athletes, as parents, as workers, and in all aspects of our lives, like it or not, we are leaders in all we do.

We Are All Leaders!

        Leaders overcome the tough times and make do with what they have. Many times, coming up the hard way has its hidden benefits for leadership training. The same thing occurs during hard training efforts. Part of leading is knowing that we are stronger than we think. We just have to have faith.

         The truth is that our communities, as well as our world, are in desperate need of leaders. It seems that many times we make leadership too complicated. Let’s take a look at our homes, which is possibly where all leadership begins, and in our society where leadership is desperately needed. Perhaps the most needed and valuable leadership traits are encouragement and example.

        It is important to remember that when we are leading in training a child, we are leading a community. It all comes back to example and encouragement. Surely good things will happen when we continue to do our duty and persevere with our leadership. As we become everything we are meant to be we in turn help others become what they are meant to be, too.

          A large part of leadership is taking the responsibility to lead. This applies to all of us as parents, at work, and in all aspects of our daily lives. Individually and collectively we will be better and get better results when we lead. Wherever we are and whatever our role in life, there is something special in all of us.

        We all need example and encouragement. Who set the best standard for you? Are you setting that example for others? We are all leaders, so lead!

Let’s lead,


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