Posted by: David D. Daggett | January 16, 2012

A Better Version

A Better Version

       Are you looking to be the best version of yourself you can be? If so, what new are you doing this year? Where are you looking to improve? How are you going to do it?

A Better Version

       One of the fun aspects of life is that if we are pursuing fulfillment and satisfaction we are progressively creating a better version of ourselves. A great way to get started is to define one simple goal spiritually, physically, professionally, and with your family (the Four Anchors) and take some action toward those goals each day. In doing so, we are constantly evolving into a better version of ourselves.

       Perhaps, fortunately, it is easy for me to find areas to work on. I always seem to be “under construction” or in continual need of development. A better version is always in process. Certainly I can find ways to be a better father and husband. Even though I am aging, there are continual health and fitness goals that will help me live a higher quality of life. Spiritually, aren’t we always a work in process? Lastly, of course everyone knows that a lawyers work is never done.

       So, if we have shortcomings, what do we do about it? How do we get started? Remember, the first step to all success is action. At some point we have to stop the talking, stop the thinking, stop the planning, and move forward.

       A common trait that separates all winners is action. They are doers. They move. The good news is we will beat 99 percent of all people simply by defining two or three action items and then doing them. It doesn’t take brain or talent. It only takes action.

        If you want to join me in becoming a better version of yourself in 2012, take time to write down a few daily action items. Put this where you will see it daily. Then, commit to taking daily action. Just get up and go!

Creating a better version,



  1. Fantastic!

    I always think intelligence and natural talent (though valuable) is always overrated. The “iron will” to do and meet the demands of reality is where the true momentum takes place.


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